Congratulations to Zakir and Mary Fallon's Sef Lateef RHR on 6th place at CDS Championship HOY at Third Level Open!!!


Well done Diane and April!!!


Congratulations to Blythe Lehmann and Donna Domira on receiving 69.551% at Third Level Test 2!!!


Congratulations to Zakir and Karsan Elliott's Sandro Diego!

3rd place in Grand Prix at the Great American USDF Region 7 Championships!!!

Special thanks to Karsan Elliott and Charles Starzynski for their continuous support!!!


Starr Vaughn Summer Dressage

Nailia and SWA Fiesta debuted at Third Level Test 1 with 60% from Axel Steiner!

2015 Great american usdf region 7 championchips

CDS Annual Championship

Congratulations to Zakir for completing

USDF Gold Medal

Awards Program!!!

Nailia and Mary Fallon's Rosalina Lavendreth RHR debuting at Training Level

Test 1 - 68.478%

Zach and Mary Fallon's Sef Lateef RHR are debuting at Third Level!

PEC Dressage:

Third Level Test 3 - 67.308%

Third Level Test 1 - 65.152%

Dressage in the Almonds:

Third Level Test 3 - 67.692%

Zakir and Karsan Elliott's Sandro Diego with super debute in Grand Prix %62.2000!!!

Blythe Lehmann and Donna Domira

Third Level %66.538!

Our daughter Anna and Karsan Elliot's Marcos

Congratulations to Blythe Lehmann on outstanding 2014 show results!

  • 67.097% Golden State Dressage Classic
  • 69.839% Golden State Dressage Classic
  • 70.323% PEC Dressage Show
  • 76.613% Golden State Dressage Warm-Up 1

Congratulations to Diane Bromley Dull and April on completing another successful endurance season!

4th place at the 2014 Great American USDF Region 7 Championships/CDS Championship
Well done

Zakir and Mary Fallon's Sef Lateef debuting at Prix St. George.

Big congrats to Nailia's student Denise Meehan and Summer - a respectful score debuting at the Third Level at a rated show! Very proud of you both!



Zakir trained and competed Sandro Diego, an Oldenburg gelding, son of famous Sandro Hit, at Intermediare-1, qualifying for CDS Championship, winning the warm-up class and finishing 6-th at the Region 7 Championship.

Nailia trained and competed Chocolat, an American Thoroughbred gelding, grandson of legendary Seattle Slew at Grand Prix, qualifying for CDS Championship and finishing 5-th at the Region 7 Championship.